We work with a great many species of animal - including birds, invertebrates, reptiles, amphibians and mammals - here are just a few pictures we have taken for you. If you would like to see more, view our online photo albums. A brand new animal section will be added shortly but in the meantime we hope you like these images...!

Would you like to see more of our animals? Find out about the latest births? What happens when we retire a species? Then you can keep up-to-date via our Facebook page (search Facebok.com/AnimalParties) or visit our animal video page.

Bringing these animals to your event - Birthday - School or PTA - Corporate or Club - requires a great deal of care and experience. We carry all appropriate equipment to ensure their welfare including water, food and extra heat (where necessary).

Armadillo Barn Owl Bearded Dragon Blue Tongued Skink European White Stork
Little Owl Praying Mantis Meerkat Bosc Monitor Royal Python Emperor Scorpion
Striped Skunk Giant Land Snail Chile Rose Spider Tawny Owl Tenrec White Faced Scops Owl